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Experiment Results are IN!

{Drum Roll, Please...}
Remember a few weeks ago when I told you that I was going to experiment with a few of those Facebook t-shirt sites?  If you recall, I got lured in by the super cheap prices and wondered if perhaps my own shirts are worth the price that I am selling them for.  Here are the three shirts that I purchased. 


{photos not my own...all shirts were $12 shipped}

I actually really liked the designs of each of these shirts, and was hoping that perhaps I'd stumbled upon a gem of an online shop.  Not so much.  While my "happy" shirt arrived in about 10 days, the "Love" shirt took three weeks to get to my house.  Sadly, I still have not received the "Faith, Hope, Love" shirt, so I'm unable to give you my thoughts on it.  

As far as the fit goes...I was hoping to be able to model these shirts for you.  For each shirt I ordered a women's large, which is a pretty safe bet for me typically.   Unfortunately, the shirts are so short and tight that I will NOT be having any photos taken of myself wearing them.  I decided to hire a little model to show you how these shirts Paislee, my 5 year old daughter.  


Clearly, she's thrilled that she got a few new shirts!  Did you notice the bright spot on the "happy" shirt? This t-shirt is so thin you can actually see the shirt she is wearing underneath it, through the shirt.  She'll be able to wear it with a tank top, but definitely not something I would be comfortable wearing.  While the "Love " shirt has a better fit, the design is off center, which will drive me bonkers!  Also, the vinyl that was used is so thick, that it makes the shirt scratchy and uncomfortable to the touch. Additionally,I was a little surprised that my women's large was only a smidge too big for my 5 year old. 


To give you a frame of reference, this is Paislee wearing the women's large that I carry in my shop.  As you can see, it's definitely roomier!  In fact, my shirts are a full 2 inches longer, and over 1 inch wider.  Additionally, my shirts hold their fit and do not shrink up after washing.  

{Closing Thoughts}

Yes, with a starting price of $18, my shirts are more expensive than the shirts you will find in another online shop.  However, you will get them in a timely fashion and most'll be able to fit in them!  I stand behind the products that I make and I want to make sure that you are satisfied with your order.  When you order from me, you can be positive that you'll have a quality shirt that will hold up in the wash, fit well, and arrive on time.  But, just in case you ARE looking for a shirt to fit your 5 year old, I can make those, too.    


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  • It’s awesome that you did this experiment! I think we all seenall the super cheap things on Facebook and that just goes to prove up u get what you pay for! I personally love the fit and feel if your shirts!!

    Kelly Stinnett

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